Now, tractor trolleys & staff for RWAs to raise misuse mounds | Gurgaon Information newsfragment

GURGAON: MCG has made up our minds to serve alternative manpower and tractor trolleys to RWAs to store their colonies and societies blank. The advance, consistent with the civic frame, will held take away rubbish piling up around the town because of ongoing crash through sanitation staff.
“We have decided to provide manpower and tractor trolleys to the RWAs willing to lift garbage from their respective areas and move it to the secondary collection point. We want to nullify the impact of the sanitation workers’ strike,” mentioned MCG spokesperson SS Rohilla.
The civic frame additionally requested the personal sanitation businesses to deploy alternative manpower in order that the town is wiped clean and rubbish is lifted.
Talks between MCG and the protesters failed on Wednesday then which the employees prolonged their crash. They demanded that the operations and upkeep word of honour given to 6 corporations be suspended. On the other hand, MCG commissioner PC Meena mentioned the civic frame can not droop the word of honour and that they might ship a suggestion to the condition govt.

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