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PUNE: The fogeys of deceased Military cadet Pratham Mahale on Saturday demanded a “thorough investigation” into the inter-squadron boxing fit during which their son suffered accidents.
Pratham’s father, Gorakh, a highschool coach, advised TOI on Saturday, “We are not against the NDA. We want a fair investigation into the incident to understand what exactly went wrong in the match.”
The NDA performed the boxing festival as part of its coaching curriculum on Monday (October 16).
Gorakh mentioned, “We have the right to know if the referee played his role properly. How did Pratham receive so many punches and get injured during the bout? What level of precautions and safety measures were taken? What was the profile of his competitor? These questions are disturbing us. We expect a fair and positive response to these questions from the NDA.”
Asenior officer of NDA mentioned, “We have qualified boxing referees. They conduct matches as per the sport’s rules. The investigation will find out what went wrong. We will inform Pratham’s parents about it.”
Gorakh mentioned, “Pratham had told his mother over the phone on Monday that he would be playing a match. He had promised her that he would call her after the bout, but did not. We tried to contact him, but his phone was not reachable. We felt that he might have lost the bout and so he did not call back.”
He mentioned, “Around 10.57pm, I got a call from an officer. He told us that Pratham’s condition was critical and was admitted to the Command Hospital. He sought our consent for Pratham’s surgery, which I gave. We travelled to Pune at mid night and reached the hospital in the morning.”
Gorakh mentioned, “By then, the doctors had completed Prtaham’s surgery. He was in the ICU and unconscious. We could see him in the bed. We stayed at the official accommodation. On Wednesday morning, the authorities informed us about his death.”
He mentioned, “Last week, I had advised Prtham not to participate in the boxing competition because his passing out parade was just a few weeks away. But he told me ‘Papa, I want to win the best squadron championship banner this time. So, I want to participate in the competition.’ Pratham died for his squadron. The academy should do something concrete to keep memories of our son alive at the squadron.”
Pratham’s folks didn’t cancel his dream to tied the NDA. “When he was in the Standard VIII, he had brought a picture of the ‘Sudan Block’ — the main administrative building of the NDA — and pasted it on his cupboard. He would tell us, ‘I will pass out from this building one day with flying colours’. His dream will remain a dream now,” mentioned an emotional mom Shital.

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