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Nagpur: An oncologist effectively old pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC), most often old in stomach malignancy, to regard a 72-year-old lady with ovarian most cancers.
Identical to inhalers ship the drug without delay into the lungs, PIPAC provides chemotherapy within the mode of a pressurized aerosol or splash into the belly hollow space. This is a guard form. It has fewer negative effects than familiar chemotherapy, which ends up in hair loss or spots at the frame. A low dose is delivered as organs are near to the splash.

“PIPAC is a new treatment technique which is safe, and many patients handle it well. It is most often used for end-stage peritoneal cancer in the thin layer of the tissue that lines your abdomen (belly) and covers most of the organs in it. You usually get it when cancer in your digestive system or female reproductive organs spreads,” mentioned Dr Krunal Khobragade, advisor oncologist at KIMS-Kingsway Hospitals.
The lady had ovarian most cancers. “This cancer spreads more in the peritoneum (thin membrane lining the abdomen cavity). As a first line of treatment, conventional chemotherapy through saline is given. But some patients don’t respond to it because of the advanced disease. Hence, we give the chemotherapy directly inside the abdomen,” he mentioned.
The aged affected person used to be administered two cycles of chemotherapy with out a lot holiday. “Like tablets don’t reach lungs while inhalers are effective for asthma patients. PIPAC is a good option for those who have been given chemotherapy without success, advanced disease or relapse. This is the first time such a procedure has been done in Nagpur and Central India for advanced cancer with peritoneal spread,” he mentioned.
PIPAC is a moment offer process however since she used to be affected by Level III most cancers, the docs needed to admit her.
First selection is at all times systemic chemotherapy by which medicine is brought to each a part of the frame. “But ovarian, gastric and colorectal and peritoneal cancer patients are recommended PIPAC,” he mentioned.
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