West UP, NCR stare at aqua situation as Ganga Canal to be close for 20 days | Lucknow Information newsfragment

LUCKNOW: Western UP and NCR patch would possibly face aqua lack as the higher Ganga canal – which is the main supply of aqua to those areas – can be close ill for 20 days from October 25 night time. Irrigation branch will perform upkeep, restore and recovery paintings around the canal. Officers mentioned even though the canal principally caters to irrigation wishes of the patch, efforts have been underway to decipher nature and extent of affect on ingesting aqua provide as neatly.
The irrigation branch will get started blockading the aqua provide to the canal on the Bhimgoda barrage in Uttarakhand.
Put up-monsoon season the canal is close ill for upkeep once a year as required for desilting, upkeep, maintenance and recovery works. Spanning over 292-km the canal caters to fifteen districts of UP in its path. The availability can be restored on or earlier than November 12, mentioned the officers, in order that farmers in west UP get plenty aqua to irrigate the rural disciplines forward of the Rabi abridge season.
Right through the inspection of the canal in September, officers discovered silt deposits within the canal. The parallel canal device additionally required some civil restore works year some ghats constructed at Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar have been additionally discovered broken.
Noida Authority and Ghaziabad Construction Authority, in the meantime, must create preparations to serve extra groundwater next treating it to the families until the occasion provide resumes as according to the time table.
Brajesh Sharma, a resident of Sector 78 in Noida, mentioned, “The quality of groundwater is extremely poor in Noida and hence it is diluted with the Ganga water before being supplied to the households. If authorities are not able to provide water then residential societies will have to arrange for private tankers to meet water demand.”

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