Gujarat: Trolley bag nails guy who killed female friend, burned frame | Rajkot Information newsfragment

RAJKOT: Remnants of a burnt trolley bag helped police split a grisly homicide of an Ahmedabad lady, whose half-burnt frame was once discovered similar Paddhari village adjacent Rajkot metropolis on October 9.
The forensic research and the parallel investigation in the end led the police to nab the alleged killer Mehul Chotaliya (32), the live-in spouse of the lady. Chotaliya, a manager-cum-accountant in a city-based resort, strangled the lady Alpa alias Ayesha Makwana on October 6 nearest a combat between the two of them over some factor.

They had been in a live-in courting for the latter 18 months, however some disputes erupted between the two of them just lately. “On October 6, there was a bitter fight between them at Chotaliya’s house in Atman Apartment in the Gandhigram area. He flew into a rage after Makwana slapped him, and strangled her to death,” mentioned GJ Zala, investigation officer, Paddhari police station.
Upcoming killing Makwana, Chotaliya saved the frame in his space for 2 days. On the other hand, because the frame began decaying and emanating a nasty scent, he made up our minds to dispose it, fearing that the neighbours would tell the police.
As the lady was once decrease in top, he clash upon the speculation of stuffing it within a trolley bag and burning it. “He purchased the bag and some wood also. On the night of October 8, he dragged the bag from his house into his SUV and went to an isolated spot near Paddhari. Here, he arranged the pieces of wood on the bag, poured petrol on it, and set it ablaze,” Zala mentioned.
The autopsy recommended her year might be between 17 years and 30 years. Police realized that she was once a local of Moraiyya village similar Ahmedabad, and they’re seeking to hint her kinfolk.
Chotaliya has circumstances beneath the Prohibition Work and immoral trafficking lodged in opposition to him in some police stations of Rajkot rural.

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