Gurgaon: Parked your automotive illegally? Now, cough up two times the effective if towed | Gurgaon Information newsfragment

GURGAON: Watch out for parking your car illegally, as you may finally end up coughing up double the effective from Thursday. GMDA has greater the towing fees at the cars discovered parked illegally in ‘negative parking’ zones within the town, which can come into impact from October 26.

In line with the revised charges, the towing fees for obese and medium cars, together with all business cars, shall be Rs 2,000, in comparison to Rs 1,000 previous. Those that illegally terrain bright cars (four-wheelers) shall be fined Rs 1,000, up from Rs 500 previous. For 2 wheelers, the penalty has been greater from Rs 200 to Rs 500. The towing fees were revised next a duration of 5 years, GMDA officers stated.
Those fees shall be along with the challans imposed by way of visitors police beneath the Motor Automobiles Business, which draws a penalty of Rs 500 for haphazard parking and inflicting risk, obstructions and undue inconvenience to commuters. For next offences, a effective of Rs 1,500 is levied.
GMDA officers stated towing fees were hiked at the advice of the visitors police to additional deter unlawful parking and to inspire the community to terrain their cars in designated parking spots.
“Many times, wrongly parked vehicles result in traffic snarls and pose a hindrance to smooth traffic movement. The tow away charges have been revised by GMDA to deter citizens from parking their vehicles in ‘no parking’ areas and to encourage safe driving practices. ‘No parking’ signs have also been installed at various locations where parking of vehicles is not permitted,” stated R D Singhal, GMDA well-known normal supervisor (mobility category).
Previous, MCG was once levying fees for towing cars. The duty was once given to GMDA in 2019 via an app-based mechanism to build the method extra clear.
At the present, GMDA hauls cars violating parking norms and are parked in ‘negative parking’ zones to the visitors police. Those are supplied with GPS programs and cranes of various capability for towing of 2, 3 and 4 wheelers. Future the towing fees are levied by way of GMDA, the challan for fallacious parking beneath the Motor Automobiles Business is levied by way of the visitors police.
In line with the authority, it recovered round Rs 1.7 crore by way of towing cars in Used Gurgaon between September 2019 and June 2021, and Rs 2.1 crore for a similar carrier in unused sectors. As many 48,521 cars in Unutilized Gurgaon and 28,870 in impaired Gurgaon have been towed for unlawful parking from October 2021 until September 2023, wherein it has recovered round Rs 3.8 crore.
Future supporting the walk to take on unlawful parking within the town, citizens stated the civic government have now not been ready to serve parking infrastructure.
“There is a need to have strict enforcement by traffic police on the road to deter people from parking their vehicles haphazardly outside shops, malls and offices, which hinders traffic movement. But what have they (GMDA and MCG) done over the years when it comes to providing parking facilities? People will drive their cars in the absence of public transportation options, which will need to be parked somewhere. Instead of creating parking infrastructure, they are penalising people,” stated Rakesh Kapoor, treasurer of Sector 9A RWA.

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