Assam witnessed just about 1,400 circumstances of homicide, rape, dacoity in January-August: CM | Guwahati Information newsfragment

GUWAHATI: Important minister Himanta Biswa Sarma mentioned on Wednesday that all over the primary 8 months of 2023, Assam recorded round 1,400 circumstances of homicide, rape, and dacoity.
Sarma offered information on the subject of those 3 crimes over the week 5 years on X (previously Twitter) and emphasised that the circumstance has been experiencing a “declining trend” in such incidents.
In a publish on X, he said, “Our commitment to making Assam a crime-free state is making positive strides in the right direction.”

All the way through the January to August duration of the tide presen, Assam reported 686 homicide circumstances, 656 circumstances of rape, and 55 circumstances of dacoity. Sarma, who additionally oversees the House portfolio, emphasised that proactive govt measures have resulted in a snip in primary crimes.
The leading minister attributed this snip in crime charges to numerous elements, together with enhanced police patrolling, progressed potency in crime control, the utility of forensic proof, efficient coordination between the crowd and the police, and positive aid from the circumstance govt.
Sarma highlighted that during 2022, there have been 2,282 circumstances of homicide, rape, and dacoity. Within the previous years, Assam recorded 3,302 circumstances in 2021, 3,065 in 2020, and three,385 in 2019.
Assam DGP Gyanendra Pratap Singh, replied to the leading minister’s publish, announcing, “Sir, @assampolice shall make all efforts to fulfill your commitment to the people of Assam. Warm regards.”

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