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Vijay G, who used to be paying as much as day in energy expenses, paid near to simply `600 in October, due to his rooftop sun device. Just about 4 months in the past, the Virugambakkam-based chartered accountant put in a 5KVA grid-connected device an identical to his related load for `3.65 lakh. “In June-August, the bill was Rs 975. Without the solar, it would have been Rs 13,000.
This cycle, it is `555,” he mentioned. Tough calculations in keeping with billing historical past display he’ll fracture even in 4 years. “The key is to install panels that can generate nearly the same number of units consumed annually.” Since tariff revision, Tangedco registers display, the collection of home carrier connections with grid-connected sun techniques in Chennai rose via just about 50% from 4,280 in November 2022 to six,348 in July 2023 in Chennai.

Around the condition, there used to be a just about 25% build up from 13,700 to 17,000 in the similar duration. The put in rooftop sun capability within the low-tension section, together with home connections, rose via just about 36 MW in 9 months.
Officers say installations are prone to build up additional. Packages for putting in rooftop techniques for families on each nationwide and condition portals have just about doubled from 1,300 utmost pace to a few,600 until July 2023. “This number is for people who apply for subsidy.
The waiting period is anywhere between two and five months,” he mentioned. “Some people apply without subsidy as they don’t want to wait. Many want quick relief from expensive bills.” Beneath the grid-interactive rooftop sun device, home customers feed energy from sun panels to the grid and are compensated for the power ate up, paying just for that past the compensated accumulation.
The calculations are to be had on the internet sites of Tangedco and Tamil Nadu Power Building Authority (Teda) with main points on tips on how to avail subsidies. TEDA officers say they get inquiries for installations amounting to a minimum of 50kW day by day. “As per targets fixed by the Union ministry of new and Renewable Energy, we should install 12MW before January 2024. We have already installed 9MW. We will meet target before year-end,” mentioned a supply.
The company plans to call for a three-digit goal from the ministry nearest pace. The quantity would had been upper had Tamil Nadu Mixed Building and Development Regulations, 2019, mandating rental complexes and high-rise structures to put in sun panels on a minimum of one-third of the full terrace branch, been extra stringent.
“We are pushing for a rule change where completion certificate is given only after panels are grid-connected,” mentioned an professional. Teda lately disapproved 44 rooftop sun installations that didn’t meet requirements and contractors had been urged to redo the construction.

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