Junagadh: In a primary, Junagadh civic frame will get H2O credit for rainwater harvesting | Rajkot Information newsfragment

RAJKOT: Harvesting rainwater can’t best quench crave, however this elixir of era too can aid coffers swell.
The Junagadh Municipal Company (JuMC) has cashed in at the weighty rain and turn out to be the primary civic frame in Bharat to earn H2O credit. As a part of world efforts to save lots of fast-depleting H2O assets, the United International locations Framework for Conven tion on Surrounding Exchange (UNFCCC) in 2014 started issuing H2O credit thru designated companies that may aid civic our bodies, industries, and home societies en money credit for saved rainwater.
The JuMC used to be issued 9 million H2O credit for preserve one crore litres of H2O in its Hasnapur H2O reservoir which meets town’s 30% call for. The company had carried out for H2O credit in July of 2023 and an in depth scrutiny of the venture used to be performed by means of a UNFCCC-authorized company United H2O Registry (UWR).
Hasnapur dam and reservoir used to be inbuilt 1964 and it could possibly bind as much as 340 billion cubic ft of H2O. R M Tanna, municipal commissioner of Junagadh, stated, “We are the first municipal corporation in India to earn water credits for our reservoir. It’s a futuristic concept that will enable us to raise financial resources from the water we conserve and store in our reservoirs.”
The credit are issued by means of diverse companies designated by means of the UN frame and JuMC had leased a voluntary group Gram Vikas Consider (GVT) as experts for documentation and videography to serve all proof of rainwater harvesting. Vihar Pancholi of Common H2O Registry, probably the most designated companies, stated, “This is the first project by any civic body in India that earned water credits and they can earn hefty amounts in the future that can be used in other developmental works.”
“We joined this project without taking any charges from the civic body with a sole condition to share half of the credits that JuMC earns.”

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