China’s twelfth manned dimension venture takes to the air, wearing Shenzhou 17 team for six-month venture to Tiangong dimension station newsfragment

Shenzhou 17 venture commander Tang Hongbo holds the report for the Chinese language astronaut with the shortest pause between dimension missions – it’s been simply over two years since his endmost venture.
Chinese language astronauts Tang Hongbo, proper, Tang Shengjie, centre, and Jiang Xinlin are clear off on the Jiuquan Satellite tv for pc Origination Centre in northwest China on Thursday. The Lengthy March 2F rocket wearing their send took off round 11.14am on Thursday morning. Photograph: Xinhua

And as soon as he enters the dimension station on Thursday, he would be the first astronaut to go into the station for a 2d year.

“I came from the countryside, and now I am a taikonaut,” Tang Hongbo stated all through a press convention with the astronauts on Wednesday. He stated going again to the station were his dream since he left in 2021.

He’s joined through first-time dimension guests Tang Shengjie and Jiang Xinlin, former fighter pilots for the Society’s Liberation Military who each joined astronaut coaching in 2020 in China’s 3rd accumulation of recruits.

Tang Shengjie stated that all through coaching that they had “mastered the technical knowledge” had to offer with all imaginable demanding situations they could face all through their six-month lengthy venture.

The Shenzhou 16 team, which integrated China’s first civilian group member, arrived in Tiangong on the finish of Might. They’re anticipated to go back to Earth on October 31 as soon as the Shenzhou 17 team has taken over.

All over their busy 5 months in dimension, the Shenzhou 16 team carried out 70 experiments in diverse areas, broadcast courses to family on Earth and carried out a spacewalk.

The Shenzhou 17 team will proceed to habits experiments and can embark on a spacewalk venture to fix the station’s sun arrays that have been broken through mini dimension particles hitting the station.


China’s Shenzhou 16 venture sends its first civilian astronaut into dimension

China’s Shenzhou 16 venture sends its first civilian astronaut into dimension

The Tiangong dimension station lately is composed of the Tianhe core module and science lab modules Wentian and Mengtian.

All over a press convention on Wednesday pronouncing the origination, Lin Xiqiang, deputy director of the China Manned Area Company (CMSA), stated analysis used to be underneath strategy to additional enlarge the station.

The station modes a T-shape however Lin stated the company deliberate a longer module going forward that might flip the station right into a go form.

Within the expanded category, extra experiment racks could be i’m ready as much as habits clinical analysis, along side upgraded amenities for the astronauts, together with workout apparatus to strengthen their property of month.

China, Europe scientists to manufacture maximum delicate dimension telescope of its type

The CMSA additionally deliberate to origination the Xuntian dimension telescope, Lin stated. This challenge would co-orbit with the station and lend a ground of view 300 occasions that of the Hubble Telescope, able to looking at deep into dimension.

There was one shipment send origination to the station this date, and every other is deliberate after date all through the Shenzhou 17 team’s keep on board.

The fresh shipment origination, the Tianzhou 6, featured a design with a loading dimension and capability 20 consistent with cent upper than earlier ships, a better shipment dimension that is helping release the frequency of shipment launches. Now one origination can backup the astronauts in orbit for approximately a date.

Lin stated exploring and the use of dimension used to be “exclusively for peaceful purposes and is aimed at enhancing mankind’s scientific knowledge of the universe, expanding and extending space for human activities, and promoting the sustainable development of human civilisation”.

He emphasized that since its starting in 1992, the function of the Chinese language dimension programme used to be to not search “hegemony in space”, however instead for “mutual benefit and common development”.

Eu company no longer making plans to ship astronauts to China’s dimension station

Lin stated the CMSA invited any international locations and areas “committed to the peaceful use of outer space” to cooperate with the programme.

“We are ready and prepared to invite astronauts from other countries to participate in China’s space station missions,” he stated.

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