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MYSURU:Lambasting HD Kumaraswamy, JD(S) flooring chief, who has been sniping on the leading minister nearly each and every week, Siddaramaiah known as him a “political villain” who’s “more frustrated” than BJP.
“He targeted me for watching a cricket match but when his government [CongressJD(S) coalition government] was about to collapse, he was sitting in America for a week.What should we call him?” Siddaramaiah stated, in line with a query on Kumaraswamy allegedly evaluating the CM to villains within the epicMahabharata.
Siddaramaiah stated Kumaraswamy spent all of the 14 months of his 2d stint as CM in a luxurious resort in Bengaluru.
On Kumaraswamy accusing him of destabilising his executive important to its faint in 2019, Siddaramaiah identified that the JD(S) chief had, at the flooring of the meeting, blamed BJP for his executive’s faint. “He said it during the trust vote in the assembly, but now he is singing a different tune. Did he mislead the House then?”
On some other observe, Siddara maiah stated he would quickly factor a white paper at the monetary situation of the situation because it was once all the way through each the former Congress executive which he led from 2013 and the BJP executive that adopted in 2019.
Lashing out at accusations that his executive was once sending cash to the celebration prime command to capitaltreasury election campaigns in alternative states, Siddaramaiah stated, “Despite the state being in a financial crunch, BJP granted tenders for various development works which has resulted in pending bills amounting to Rs 30,000 crore.”
He held BJP only respon sible for the existing heartbreaking situation of the situation’s economic system and shortage of electrical energy. “BJP doesn’t have the moral right to comment on our government,” Siddaramaiah stated.
He stated his executive is beginning measures to deal with the inadequency of electrical energy. “Government has directed officials to procure electricity from other states to overcome supply,” he stated.
On a imaginable cupboard reshuffle, Siddaramaiah stated “everyone likes to become minister”, however the ultimate resolution is left to the prime command. “As of now there is no discussion about a reshuffle,” he stated.

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