As dam of endurance breaks, flood-hit Nagpur citizens vow to boycott polls over government apathy | Nagpur Information newsfragment

NAGPUR: Scarred and deluged by way of the nighttime floods of September 23 and with govt assistance nonetheless a trickle a while upcoming the mayhem, flood-hit citizens in Nagpur unanimously made up our minds to boycott all time elections and bar access of politicians of their localities.
The verdict used to be taken past due on Wednesday at a gathering convened by way of flood-hit citizens of Ambazari Order, Samta Nagar, Shankar Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Daga Order, Company Colony and grounds downstream of Nag river, who’re suffering to rebuild their lives.
“The government’s apathy is palpable. Officials are not bothered about the trauma we endure every day. We want to make our point loud and clear. We will not vote in the next elections. It will be a total boycott of polling booths and no leader of any political party will be allowed to set foot in our area,” stated citizens of flood-hit west Nagpur.
Some citizens, asking for anonymity, stated they have got been operating from pillar to publish for amusement upcoming the deluge ruined their lives. Majority claimed to have suffered losses of Rs 10 lakh and extra.
“And what did the government do? It simply tossed ‘chillar’ (penny) at us. We aren’t beggars, we are just seeking our rights. We want the government to take immediate corrective measures, including demolishing Krazy Castle, NIT’s concrete skating rink on Nag river to prevent a rerun of September 23,” they stated.
Overflow-hit citizens met deputy prominent minister Devendra Fadnavis, Union minister Nitin Gadkari, native MLA Vikas Thakre, district collector Vipin Itankar, municipal commissioner Abhijit Chaudhari and NIT chairman Manojkumar Suryawanshi over the latter one while. “Nobody took cognisance. Nobody took us seriously,” they stated.
To attract consideration of the management, a dialogue discussion board used to be organised at the banks of Nag river for a discussion between electorate and the federal government. Citizens additionally organised a serene protest on the flooding level of Ambazari puddle. “It was like hitting a blind alley,” they stated.
On Wednesday, citizens made up our minds to not vote in resulting elections to Lok Sabha, meeting and Nagpur Municipal Company — all scheduled then presen. “If the government is unwilling to listen, we too are not ready to exercise our right of franchise to elect them,” they stated.
Former BJP corporator Varsha Thakre felt if 6,000 electorate raised the banner of rebel, the end result may well be some distance from adequate. “The state government and district administration have already begun taking corrective measures. The residents’ demand for razing the concrete slab of the skating rink was given the nod by NIT. And construction of retaining walls on Nag river will commence after Diwali,” she stated.

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