Triplicane citizens run gauntlet of cow, house owners

Incidents Of Farm animals Assault On Triplicane Streets Proceed As House owners No To Rein In Their Animals; Animals Roam Inside Streets Away From Company WatchersIncidents Of Farm animals Assault On Triplicane Streets Proceed As House owners No To Rein In Their Animals; Animals Roam Inside Streets Away From Company Watchers

A cow roaming distant at the streets of Triplicane gored a septuagenarian who’s now scuffling with for era on a ventilator.Two alternative population are nursing wounds from related assaults in a span of 10 days within the locality the place homes are stacked in opposition to one any other and population, cars and cows compete for field at the slim streets.
Cows scavenging at the roads is a regular plethora visual around the nation, however Triplicane is an endmost case. Many inner roads were totally taken over by way of farm animals house owners who tether their animals to electrical posts and junction grounds. The stench from dung and urine is overpowering and population effort to proceed at the slushy roads. “My relatives have stopped coming for functions like Golu,” mentioned a resident. She requested to not be known pronouncing farm animals house owners threaten population who whinge.
When TOI visited Nagojirao Boulevard, Alangatha Boulevard and P R Pillai Boulevard, cows have been in every single place. The house owners milk the cows at the roads. Nearest that, they flip them shed to scavenge at will. Citizens and activists say the cows get agitated after they don’t get plethora to devour, which is lots of the month.
“Cattle intimidating residents is not new to Triplicane,” mentioned C Sarathi, nephew of Sundaram, the cow-attack sufferer who’s on ventilator. “Only when someone is almost killed will the government act.”
“My husband was coming home from Parthasarathi Temple at 6.30pm on Tuesday when a cow on TP Koil Street gored him,” mentioned Sundari Ok, spouse of S Kasturirangan, 65.
Previous, farm animals house owners worn to have their very own sheds. Now, they’ve worn the field to increase their homes and driven farm animals directly to the roads,” mentioned T J Ramani from Srinivas Younger Males’s Affiliation.
The foundations say a farm animals proprietor should lend a minimum of 36sqft in keeping with head of farm animals. However farm animals house owners are dismissive. “We do not have space. GCC must create cow sheds for us,” mentioned Dheena T, who says his public has been rearing cows and promoting milk in Triplicane for generations. He now has 10 cows and sells milk at ₹50 a litre. “I make around ₹2,500 a day, but I have to pay for manpower and cattle feed as well,” he advised TOI.
Nearest the back-to-back assaults in Triplicane, GCC has stationed a cattle-catching lorry within the department. “We catch the untethered cattle, but we do not go into interior street,” mentioned a cattle-catcher. So, farm animals house owners push their cows into the internal streets. Citizens don’t have any possibility however to dodge the cows and their droppings. They dare no longer whinge for concern of the farm animals house owners.

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