Meg Ryan on Her Untouched Rom-Com, ‘What Happens Later’ newsfragment

This frightened Duchovny, who’s 63. The characters in “What Happens Later” deliver the burden and disappointments of midlife. “They can’t go through those younger rom-com moves — they can’t appear stupid or stunted,” he mentioned. “And yet they can’t also be jaded or boring. It was really that dance of, how do we make it legitimate for adults?”

Even after, he puzzled if there used to be an urge for food to look mature crowd greedy at connection. “There’s something in us that gets angry when we see people who are old hoping, you know?” he mentioned, including, “That’s the resistance that we push against in the movie. But lo and behold, we have ‘The Golden Bachelor’ now to show us the way.”

Ryan wrote the film following her lengthy on-off courting with the rocker John Mellencamp; she ended their engagement in 2019. Did that experience the rest to do along with her pastime in fans who hang-out every alternative for years? Now not in particular, she mentioned. “But in the idea of, some people go round and round” and not get it proper. “And maybe they don’t need to.”

“To be my age and to be looking back on things — so many of these stories are about looking forward into a happily ever after,” she mentioned. “And there’s just totally different questions up for grabs here.”

It’s now not, after all, misplaced on her that rom-coms are what offered us on luckily ever nearest (“a crazy idea”) within the first playground. And that having the previous poster woman for the style puncture it with regrets or disappointment is, to paraphrase her expletive, a mind-twister. “In my way, I feel like it’s a badass little movie,” she mentioned with pleasure.

She cursed greater than I’d anticipated and inclined into unorthodox pleasures. Studying that I had by no means been to the department, she pointed me to a Vedanta temple with a curving ocean view, designed, she famous, via probably the most first prominent female architects in California. “It’s so surprising,” she mentioned, and insisted on giving me the cope with, up related the mountains. “No matter what, you’ve got to go over the hill, because it’s sunny.”

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