Constituent Of Date: Signboards Broken, Law enforcement officials Urge Noida For Pristine Ones At Key Spots | Noida Information newsfragment

Noida: Visitors police within the town have written to the Noida Authority, urging it to put in untouched signboards at key places equivalent to Pari Chowk, Movie Town, DND Flyway and Mahamaya flyover.
DCP (visitors) Anil Kumar Yadav stated signboards at many parks had both light away or had been damaged.
“Signage installed on roads provide crucial information to drivers and commuters in general.At some locations, these boards are so small that they are not visible from a distance. In such situations, commuters get confused and take a wrong turn. To make up for the lost time, many of them drive back on the wrong side, increasing the chances of accidents and leading to snarls. We have requested the Noida Authority to place large signboards on the DND Flyway, Pari Chowk, and sectors 16 and 27,” he added.
Right kind signboards, Yadav stated, support in streamlining the tide of visitors. “They indicate speed limits, warn of upcoming intersections, guide drivers to parking lots and provide information about lanes. Such traffic management reduces congestion and ensures the smooth flow of vehicles,” he added.
Gaurav Kumar, a commuter, insisted that signboards wanted to get replaced at a number of key places to assure automobiles moved seamlessly. “Many boards at different locations on the DND Flyway and Noida expressway have either faded away or got damaged. They need to be fixed at the earliest,” he added.
The visitors law enforcement officials also are making plans to habits a force to stick reflective tapes on automobiles to strengthen visibility all through fog in wintry weather. Such tapes are designed to replicate mild, making the car extra perceptible in low-light or dull statuses. This larger visibility is helping alternative drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to identify the car from a distance. Reflective tapes are in particular reliable at evening.
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