PMC’s award-winning ‘smart LED street lighting system’ fails to provoke Punekars newsfragment

PUNE: Regardless of the Pune Municipal Company (PMC) having received the nationwide award for its ‘smart LED streetlighting system’ built-in with the supervisory keep an eye on and knowledge acquisition (SCADA) device since 2016, to not point out having spent 2 crores at the similar, streetlights in maximum portions of town don’t seem to be operating correctly or now not operating in any respect, in keeping with electorate. There were proceedings over the moment few weeks about malfunctioning streetlights in grounds corresponding to Viman Nagar, Airport Street, Apte Street, Satara Street and Prabhat Street amongst others.

Many grounds in Shivajinagar, together with Thopate Street (in pic) have malfunctioning side road lighting. (KALPESH NUKTE/ HT PHOTO)

Amit Paranjape, an entrepreneur, endmost time highlighted on X that many streets and primary roads within the town don’t have sufficient lighting fixtures as in comparison to metros corresponding to Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. He stated that middle of the night lighting fixtures is the most important for the protection of pedestrians and cars. “I have been highlighting this issue for a while now. Recently, I was able to specifically highlight the lighting issues in our neighbourhood to the PMC and our local representatives using a ‘light meter’ (app available on smartphones). Big variations were seen across light poles. I also spoke with senior PMC officials in the lighting/electrical department. There are multiple issues: LED lights not working properly, low wattage lights installed, cable issues, tree branches blocking lights et al. They have agreed to resolve the issues this week. Hope this resolution process is taken up across the city,” Paranjape stated.

Civic activist and social assistant Sudhir Kulkarni stated, “Recently, the PMC spent 2 crores on improving streetlights for the G-20 Summit. They replaced the streetlights with fancy lights to impress the foreign dignitaries but they cannot impress their own citizens. Streetlights on Airport Road do not work most of the time. They were changed during the G-20 Summit in April. Instead of spending on basic facilities, the PMC wasted citizens’ money on beautification. Actually, the PMC should prioritise illuminating the city over beautifying street poles as streetlights provide a sense of safety and security to the citizens.”

Civic activist Vivek Velankar stated, “Right now, there are two agencies that take care of streetlights. One is Tata Urban Infrastructure and the other is PMC. Tata is responsible for maintaining around 90,000 streetlights while the remaining are maintained by the PMC. It is the responsibility of the PMC to supervise Tata in operating streetlights and maintaining their own streetlights. However, this is not happening. The PMC should fix responsibility and take action against those responsible for non-operational streetlights.”

Shrinivas Kandul, spare town engineer, PMC electric area, stated, “We have received complaints about non-functioning streetlights in different parts of the city. Recently, additional municipal commissioner Kunal Khemnar conducted a meeting and instructed that these issues be resolved as early as possible.” He stated that streetlights don’t seem to be operating in some portions of town because of diverse causes corresponding to harm to underground electric cables because of highway excavation, used LEDs or non-functional fittings, interruptions in energy provide and harm to streetlights by way of timber/branches. “We have now taken on the task of changing old and non-operational electrical fittings. We have also decided to initiate a SCADA system which will help us by showing the status of poles. After that, we will know which streetlight is on or off,” Kandul stated.

A senior professional of the PMC electric area stated, “Tata Urban Infrastructure implemented the smart streetlighting project on a private-public partnership (PPP) basis. It is a feeder-based system. One feeder supplies power to around 100 streetlights. If there is a problem with any feeder, we come to know at the central command centre. It is not possible to find out the status of individual streetlights. Each feeder has some load and in case of any deviation in the load, we come to know there is a problem. We then visit the area and check the status of individual poles. It is very expensive to introduce SCADA for every pole. Tata has developed an application named ‘Pune streetlight complaints’ but it is only applicable to 90,000 street poles.” The professional stressed out that unlawful banners post on bright poles ceaselessly harm the LED lighting and wiring.

In 2016, the PMC underneath the Pune Subtle Town Building Company Restricted (PSDCL) had changed conventional streetlights with ‘smart LED streetlights’ to short ailing on electrical energy expenses and had built-in the similar with the SCADA device. The civic frame had additionally gained a national-level award for introducing the device on the ‘Smart Cities India Awards 2018’. In June 2018, the PMC had gained the ‘Best Practices Award to Improve the Living Environment 2017-18’ instituted by way of the Housing and City Building Company (HUDCO) for the Subtle Town LED challenge.

Beneath the roguish streetlighting challenge, greater than 80,000 standard streetlights had been modified to energy-efficient LED lighting generation the prevailing manual-based feeder panels had been modified to SCADA-based calories track and keep an eye on panels. SCADA is a keep an eye on device structure that makes use of computer systems, networked knowledge communications and graphical person interfaces for high-level procedure supervisory control. Beneath the program, a central command device used to be established at Sinhagad Street to observe, keep an eye on and supremacy streetlights around the town. The PMC had highlighted the options of the central command device as: provision of quick fault notification, removal of hour burners, making sure of quicker organised reaction to failure, aid of evening repairs inspections, and promotion of constituent calories financial savings.

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