Rivona gram sabha resounds with ‘yes’ for IIT-Goa mission | Goa Information newsfragment

Margao: The Rivona gram sabha hung on Sunday handed a answer in general of an everlasting campus for IIT-Goa within the village. Nearly all palms went up in unison when the query concerning the mission used to be positioned ahead of the gram sabha with no longer a unmarried dissenting accentuation.
Sanguem MLA and social welfare minister, Subhash Phal Dessai, who used to be provide on the gram sabha and spoke about some great benefits of the mission, used to be blissful concerning the gram sabha’s determination.“I am glad that the people of Sanguem constituency didn’t let the destiny of Sanguem whittle away,” Phal Dessai mentioned.
A villager mentioned that it used to be a prudent determination by means of the federal government to utilise the barren land for the mission. “In time if squatters were to encroach the land and make it their home, we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Rivona is a peaceful place with all communities staying in harmony. The IIT project will ensure that this trait of the village is protected,” he mentioned. Phal Dessai has maintained that the everlasting campus of IIT-Goa in Sanguem can be not anything decrease of a revolution within the training sector within the atmosphere. He mentioned that the society of Sanguem had been “very much eager” to welcome the mission.
The federal government just lately known over 10.5 lakh sqm of land at Rivona for obtaining and putting in place an everlasting campus for IIT-Goa.

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