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BJP MP Nishikat Dubey who accused Mahua Moitra of ‘money for questions’ in Parliament stated the Trinamool MP has life to seem on tv interviews however disagree life for the ethics committee which had first of all known as her on October 31. Next Mahua Moitra sought extra life from the committee mentioning pre-scheduled engagements in her constituency in West Bengal, the committee requested her to seem on November 2. Within the age two days, Mahua Moitra gave the impression on two tv channels and refuted the allegations towards her claiming that there was once disagree money concerned and that the Parliament website online which Darshan Hiranandani logged in the use of her credentials isn’t a hidden one — the groups of every MP have get entry to to it.

Mahua Moitra stated she would in lieu pay Darshan Hiranandani to talk towards Adani.(PTI)

Reacting to Mahua Moitra’s colorful statements on media, Nishikant Dubey stated he by no means told to the media at the factor to preserve the respect of the parliamentary committee. “The accused does not have time to go to the committee, but has ample time to give interviews to media,” Nishikant Dubey tweeted. “Please let Parliament decide,” the BJP MP added.

‘I might in lieu pay Darshan Hiranandani…’

In an interview on TimesNow on Saturday, Mahua Moitra stated Darshan Hiranandani does now not must pay her to talk towards Adani as she herself would discuss towards Adani. “Rather I will pay darshan to speak against Adani,” Mahua Moitra stated. “If Darshan Hiranandani is such an anti-national, then why is he allowed to have 30,000 crore business in Uttar Pradesh — if he accessing my Parliament login is such a security issue while 10 persons per MP have the same login?” Mahua Moitra added.

‘Mamata Banerjee does now not want to cover me’

On Trinamool’s peace on her factor, Mahua Moitra stated the birthday celebration is focussed on actual, nationwide problems like the hot protest of the birthday celebration within the nationwide capital. “My party is not interested in listening to some ridiculous custody fight over a pet dog and a ridiculous allegation of me having taken money which nobody can prove. Mamata Banerjee does not need to do that. I am perfectly capable of doing that myself. My political obituary with the TMC was written by the BJP five months ago,” Mahua Moitra stated.

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