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Karwa Chauth 2023: The only-day rapid of Karwa Chauth is seen with a lot keenness through Hindu girls in numerous portions of the rustic. Married girls from Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Jammu, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh practice a nirjala rapid from daybreak to nightfall on Karwa Chauth which falls on Krishna Paksha Chaturthi within the Hindu day of Kartik. It’s noteceable to deal your fitness life fasting and establishing your moment with a wholesome sargi or pre-dawn meal. Girls with diabetes should pull excess precautions life fasting and in case of out of control blood sugar ranges should keep away from it, say mavens. (Additionally learn | Karwa Chauth 2023: 10 house therapies to manufacture your mehndi darker)

A moment lengthy fasting for Karwa Chauth through a diabetic girl will also be seen relying on one’s fitness situation. (HT Report)

“Cultural practices are an intergral part of an Indian day to day activity which may have an impact on their metabolic health. A day long fasting for Karwa Chauth by a diabetic woman can be observed depending on one’s health status. Intermittent fasting has its proven health benefits for diabetics, if followed under supervision and with proper guidance. Adequate safeguards in terms of medications, physical activity, regular blood sugar checkups during the day and pre and post fasting meals must be well planned to avoid changes in blood sugar levels,” says Dietitian Priya Palan.

“For girls with diabetes taking into account fasting right through Karwa Chauth, cautious overview in their fitness situation is crucial. The feasibility of fasting is dependent upon the extent of diabetes keep watch over, cure regimens, and insulin necessities. It’s noteceable to notice that ladies experiencing disagree signs when blood sugar ranges are low, will have to keep away from fasting altogether to forbid any untoward headaches. Making an allowance for the possible dangers posed through related diabetes like renal disorder and center problems, it’s just right to pull a wary means, Shilpa Joshi, Head of Metabolic Diet, Fitterfly.

“For women with diabetes, it is important to consult your doctor and dietician if you are planning to fast on Karwa Chauth. Prior to fasting, a day before, it is advised to maintain hydration. Everyone has a different body tendency, but listen to your body and in case of any symptom, pay attention. During fasting body use stores and give us energy. If one has a recent hypoglycemia history, please make sure to take tea, fruit juice or coconut water in at least once a day. Meditate twice in a day for inner strength and relaxation. In case of any symptom like giddiness or weakness, please check blood sugar levels,” says Dietician Shruti Bharadwaj.


Bharadwaj stocks sargi pieces advisable for ladies with diabetes right through Karwa Chauth

Those are the sargi pieces girls with diabetes are prompt to devour:

  • Pluck milk shake or combined nuts
  • Crammed Paneer roti
  • Nuts with oats cheela
  • Fruit salad
  • Poha with added greens and one fruit
  • Roasted makana, one fruit, and besan cheela

“It is better to consult with a diabetologist, endocrinologist, or physician prior to commencing the fast. Medication adjustments, in line with the fasting schedule, play a critical role in maintaining stable glucose levels throughout the day. Equally important is the emphasis on a balanced pre-fast meal and a careful post-fast diet. Women with diabetes must steer clear of deep-fried foods and excessive sweets to manage blood glucose fluctuations effectively. Certain medications for diabetes also require a high level of hydration. In that case, they should prioritize hydration during the fasting period,” says Joshi.

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