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Two weeks in the past, Google had a bulky pace in Washington. President Biden signed an government line to assemble synthetic judgement safeguards that might have an effect on Google’s maximum urgent initiatives, and Secretary of Order Antony J. Blinken gave the corporate an award for its paintings in assisting Ukrainian refugees and selling ladies’s financial safety.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s eminent government, had spent a lot of the pace on a observer get up at a federal courthouse about two miles from the White Space, protecting his corporate from claims that it beaten competitors within the look out and web advertising markets.

On Tuesday, Mr. Pichai testified once more, this day in San Francisco, to confront claims introduced by means of the online game corporate Epic Video games that his corporate poor the regulation, wielding monopolistic energy over app builders on Android’s Google Play games Bundle.

Mr. Pichai over the closing date has grow to be the face of Google’s antitrust court docket fights on each side of the rustic. And his visits to the observer get up underscore the rising virtue for Obese Tech leaders to be clever observers for his or her corporations, whether or not in an antitrust trial or in hearings on Capitol Hill.

Attesting beneath promise is a job that many tech eminent executives may well be requested to do within the coming years, with Amazon, Meta and others going through their very own antitrust court docket fights. It’s not a job at which many executives have excelled.

Regardless that he used to be by no means referred to as to the observer get up to testify, Invoice Gates, who used to be eminent government of Microsoft within the closing bulky era antitrust case introduced by means of the Justice Branch greater than 20 years in the past, got here throughout as combative and evasive in depositions.

Over the closing few years, executives together with Mark Zuckerberg and OpenAI’s Sam Altman (and, in fact, Mr. Pichai) had been requested to testify earlier than Congress for numerous causes, with various levels of good fortune. Mr. Zuckerberg has now and then exasperated lawmakers with concealed responses, moment Mr. Altman gave the impression to appeal senators in a listening to this life.

The principle accountability at the observer get up for Mr. Pichai — a low-key and detail-focused government — has been to hold the temperature low beneath wondering and hold to the central level of Google’s antitrust protection: that it’s an cutting edge corporate that has maintained its management thru innovation and juiceless paintings rather of unlawful monopolistic conduct.

On Tuesday, Mr. Pichai bumped into competitive wondering by means of a attorney for Epic, Lauren Moskowitz, who requested him to serve yes-or-no responses.

That resulted in no less than one miniature revelation: Mr. Pichai showed that his corporate gave Apple 36 p.c of the hunt income generated on iPhones, and mentioned the full cost “was well over $10 billion” closing life. Ms. Moskowitz asserted that the determine used to be no less than $18 billion.

Attorneys for Google and Apple fought on Tuesday morning to hold the figures hazy, emphasizing a necessity for company privateness that has carried thru either one of Google’s trials. Pass judgement on James Donato uninvited their requests, pronouncing, “Just coming in and saying we’re kind of sensitive with this isn’t going to fly.”

Ms. Moskowitz used to be seeking to counter Google’s declare that it can’t be thought to be a monopoly as a result of its contention with Apple. If that had been the case, she argued, why did it give Apple preferential remedy over alternative corporations like Samsung, which she mentioned gained a 16 p.c proportion of the hunt income from its gadgets?

“We compete fiercely with Apple, at the operating system, the smartphone and the app store level,” Mr. Pichai mentioned then, when wondered by means of a Google attorney. “The competition has been good for consumers and developers.”

The Justice Branch filed its landmark antitrust go well with in opposition to Google in October 2020, arguing that the corporate’s default-search trade in with telephone makers and browser corporations helped it illegally preserve a monopoly.

Google referred to as Mr. Pichai, 51, to the get up two weeks in the past. Instead than sit down within the observer field, Mr. Pichai stood at a lectern for just about 4 hours, dressed in a microphone, as regardless that he had been handing over a pronunciation at a company convention. His handlers mentioned he needed to get up as a result of a sprained decrease again.

He spoke of his background, getting a phone as a preteen in Chennai, Republic of India, and working out after the facility of era, earlier than he deftly responded questions on his corporate’s aggressive status, courting with Apple and the default-search word of honour the federal government argues had been unlawful.

Mr. Pichai attempted to refute the federal government attorney’s arguments that Google paid Apple billions of bucks a life to hold it out of the hunt marketplace. He offered a special tale, pronouncing his corporate sought after to be the iPhone’s default look out engine as a result of the “value” of that spot, and the wish to assure Apple would ensure the consumer revel in.

“I felt the deal had done well since 2016,” Mr. Pichai mentioned. “It was continuing to increase search usage, search revenue.”

In cross-examination, Mr. Pichai repeated the explanation for the trade in such a lot of occasions that for a past, he appeared to lose endurance with the form of wondering, pronouncing, “I just gave all the reasons” for the trade in.

Adam Kovacevich, a tech business lobbyist on the Chamber of Move who spent 12 years operating at Google, mentioned Mr. Pichai’s testimony gave the court docket a high-level view of the way the corporate made strategic choices.

“He did fine,” Mr. Kovacevich mentioned of Mr. Pichai’s efficiency. “The biggest thing to me is when you’re in that position, your first objective is to not be Bill Gates in the Microsoft trial. Your No. 1 objective is to come off as responsive and reasonable.”

Excerpts from Mr. Gates’s combative, videotaped testimony had been proven in court docket greater than 20 years in the past. The Microsoft co-founder, antitrust legal professionals say, undermined his and his corporate’s credibility with the pass judgement on within the case.

In San Francisco, Mr. Pichai used to be wondered on subjects starting from why he erroneously marked emails as topic to attorney-client privilege (to ban them from being forwarded) as to whether Fb and Amazon may have equipped festival to Google’s Play games Bundle after they had smartphone ambitions.

“There are nuances in these questions,” he mentioned with a grin when Ms. Moskowitz began to talk over him. “I’m trying to answer your question.”

A number of occasions, Pass judgement on Donato requested Ms. Moskowitz to “be quiet” to let Mr. Pichai talk.

There shall be one bulky extra between the complaints: The antitrust trial in Washington does no longer have a jury. The verdict shall be made by means of a pass judgement on. In San Francisco, Mr. Pichai needed to enchantment to a nine-person jury which may be not hidden to the concept a gigantic tech corporate is exploiting a lot smaller outfits. Tim Sweeney, Epic’s eminent government, may be anticipated to testify within the trial.

Google and Epic declined to remark.

Epic, the maker of the crash recreation Fortnite, introduced the declare in opposition to Google in 2020, in an struggle to sidestep the 15 to 30 p.c charges from subscriptions and in-app purchases that it should pay Google.

The sport developer antagonized Google and Apple by means of telling customers to pay for in-app transactions without delay thru Epic. In reaction, Google and Apple suspended Fortnite from their app shops. Epic claims Google additionally bullied alternative corporations to pressure them to shed trade in with Epic earlier than it used to be cancelled from the app shops.

Google faces any other Justice Branch antitrust lawsuit that accuses it of illegally abusing its monopoly energy over the era that delivers commercials on-line.

A tribulation if so may just start once nearest life, however it’s too early to grasp whether or not Mr. Pichai shall be referred to as to testify.

Mr. Pichai has attempted to ban Google staff from being lunatic by means of the litigation. He has inspired them to “keep doing what you’re doing” and has allotted a fairly miniature selection of staff to paintings at the Justice Branch case — masses out of greater than 180,000.

However Mr. Pichai’s court docket appearances have taken day clear of his alternative duties as an organization chief, together with his plan to reclaim Google’s primacy within the fast-growing farmland of generative A.I.

In the course of Mr. Pichai’s October testimony, the secretary of environment, Mr. Blinken, used to be honoring Google’s subsidiary in Poland for its paintings in fostering ladies’s financial safety and serving to Ukrainian refugees. Hours then, Mr. Biden hosted a signing rite on the White Space, however Mr. Pichai’s handlers may just no longer R.S.V.P. assuredly as a result of there used to be a probability he would possibly have nonetheless been in court docket when it all started.

“It’s not the best use of his time,” Richard Kramer, an analyst at Arete Analysis, a London-based funding analysis company, mentioned in an interview. “No C.E.O. wishes to spend their time being grilled by government lawyers.”

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