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A month upcoming employees from two factions clashed close the Balasaheb Thackeray memorial at Shivaji Terrain, minister Eknath Shinde and Shiv Sena (UBT) Uddhav Thackeray determined to look at the birthday celebration founder’s eleventh dying yearly at other places, thus averting any untoward incident.

CM, Uddhav select other places to pay recognizes to Shiv Sena founder

“To prevent a conflict, I along with my party leaders and workers went to Shivaji Park on Thursday night to pay tribute at the memorial. There was no reason for (Uddhav) Thackeray faction’s people to come there and create a problem. It was an unfortunate incident. We are working as per the teachings of the party founder which they (Uddhav and supporters) gave up when they chose power over ideology in 2019,” Shinde mentioned.

Talking to newshounds upcoming paying his recognizes on the statue of Balasaheb close Regal Cinema in south Mumbai, the CM mentioned if the birthday celebration founder was once alive, he would have favored High Minister Narendra Modi for development a Ram temple in Ayodhya. “It was a dream of Balasaheb and Modi is fulfilling it. The Ram temple will be inaugurated on January 22, on the eve of late Balasaheb’s birth anniversary. This will be a real tribute to the Sena founder.”

Sena (UBT) president Thackeray along side spouse Rashmi and son Aaditya visited the memorial at Shivaji Terrain.

“Traitors came yesterday to the party founder’s memorial and created a drama. We did not consider them as Shiv Sena workers as they backstabbed the party for power. They do not have any respect for Balasaheb but they are slaves of BJP. Our party workers showed them a trailer yesterday about what would happen in 2024,” birthday celebration MP Sanjay Raut mentioned.

Birthday celebration’s MP from Thane, Rajan Vichare, additionally got here ailing closely on Shinde. “Due to the blessings of the party founder many people became ministers and chief ministers. Shinde has no moral right to speak about the teachings of Balasaheb. He became CM by backstabbing the Thackeray family and people of Maharashtra will teach him a lesson.”

At the generation, the Sena (UBT) president spared a keep, “Wow Thackeray”, through cartoonist Mahendra Pandit. The keep is in response to the cartoons through overdue Bal Thackeray.

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