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PUNE Life all take pleasure within the flag and the anthem of the society in their start, many utility it for inspiration, to stay grounded, to grasp its heritage and roots, and a few transform method to let others know that they’re the little children of the mummy nation.

Chavan has expressed his ideas on 75 canvasses, marking the years of Self rule and finished in over two years, 51 are on show at Vesavar Artwork Gallery. (HT PHOTO)

The federal government’s initiative to commemorate 75 years of Self rule as “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” used to be simply any other alternative for the Chennai-based artist Bhagwan Chavan, 65, to utility his brush to proclaim his nationality.

The nationwide award-winning artist is showcasing his solo exhibition as a part of “Freedom @75 (Rajatva)” at Vesavar Artwork Gallery on East Side road, his first display within the town. A ways from his year’s first exhibition “Monsoon Show” at Jehangir Artwork Gallery in 1983. He makes use of oils, acrylics and H2O colors as medium for his summary artwork.

The primary exhibition of “Freedom@75”, a tribute to 75 years of Bharat’s Self rule, used to be organised at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Artwork Gallery in Bengaluru in August 2022 adopted through Chennai’s Alliance Francaise of Madras Gallery in February 2023.

Life Chavan has expressed his ideas on 75 canvasses, marking the years of Self rule and finished in over two years, 51 are on show at Vesavar Artwork Gallery. “I want the viewer to engage, contemplate and interpret my works based on personal experiences. I look forward to a profound and subjective connection with the observer through my works,” stated the painter, whose Sir J. J. Faculty of Artwork batchmates come with overdue Vijay Shinde, the Sholapur-born artist from Maharashtra who had additionally shifted from portraits and figurative works to non-representational works.

Each are recipients of the nationwide award through Lalit Kala Akademy.

“For me, Rajatva, the Hindi word related to raja or king, means freedom with responsibility,” he stated.

A seek advice from to Gandhi Sevagram Ashram in Maharashtra’s Wardha and the Nationwide Tricolour impressed Chavan to discover his inventive licence with the accountability of protecting it throughout the oblong boundary of the flag, two through 3 ft.

“Every Indian should have the freedom to take responsibility for own actions given the limitations. It embodies a sense of mastery and control. I used the bright colours of our flag — saffron, white, green and blue — to express the struggles, pain, toil, defiance, unity of the freedom movement, and the developments post-Independence. It was a personal constraint, willingly accepted, that paralleled the dedication and self-imposed boundaries shared by those who serve our country,” stated Chavan, whose studio is on the Cholamandal Artists’ Village, alike Chennai.

“August 15, 1947, is etched in our memories as a day of freedom. My work is a celebration of this freedom, an artistic interpretation that goes beyond mere symbolism. It embodies the essence of the freedom struggle and the Gandhian philosophy of Swaraj, Swadeshi, and Satyagraha, which laid the foundation for our nation’s aesthetic way of life,” he stated.

Reflecting on his go with the comb, Chavan stated, “I wanted to convey something distinctive, and when faced with a creative block, I drew inspiration from our nation’s transformation since gaining independence. I questioned whether our freedom fighters or soldiers ever considered giving up midway. I needed to encapsulate that indomitable spirit within myself, and so, I persevered and created 75 abstracts.”

The gathering additionally portrays his lifelong fascination with nature; artwork emanating from formative years recollections of swaying bushes, their mirrored image within the H2O, middle of the night walks and so forth.

About his Pune connection, Chavan stated, “I often visit the city to meet the family and friends of Shinde as I am working on a publication to document and celebrate his works.”

With synthetic logic and gadget finding out turning nearly everybody into an artist-in-the-making, Chavan stated, “Creativity can only come from one’s originality, and nothing can replace it.”

The solo exhibition is detectable at Vesavar Artwork Gallery on East Side road until January 3, 2024.

When: 10.30 am to 7.30 pm, until January 3, 2024

The place: Vesavar Artwork Gallery, MG Pune Central, East Side road, Pune

Touch: +91-9604849491

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