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Karnataka Prominent Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday refuted allegations of ‘money for posting’ rip-off involving his son Yathindra Siddaramaiah.

Karanataka CM Siddaramaiah defends son in ‘money for posting’ rip-off

Amid the political controversy over a viral video of Yathindra Siddaramaiah, wherein he requested his father to “work on a list”, Prominent minister Siddaramaiah got here out in defence of his son in a submit on X.

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Sharing the viral video on social media, JD(S) chief Kumaraswamy accused Yathindra Siddaramaiah of being focused on a ‘money for posting rip-off’. Within the video Yathindra may also be heard pronouncing, “I have given only five… Who is Vivekananda…”

Attacking HD Kumaraswamy for making up “conspiracy theories” at the video, Siddaramaiah clarified that the telephone name he had his son was once about company social duty (CSR) price range and now not ‘money for switch’ as alleged by way of Kumaraswamy. He stated that the BJP chief was once simply ‘fabricating tales’ within the title of Vivekananda.

“Kumaraswamy has become an expert in coming up with conspiracy theories. With just the name of ‘Vivekananda’, he is trying to fabricate stories. We had issued a clarification that the phone call was about the development of schools using CSR funds and had released the document also. The document which was released was signed off by Mysuru Taluk BEO Vivekananda. Conversation over the phone was about this Vivekananda who had signed off the list of schools for development” the Karnataka Prominent Minister stated in a submit on X.

“Many people can have similar names. Former BJP MLA M P Kumaraswamy was sentenced in a cheque bounce case. Did we say it was H D Kumaraswamy? When Kumaraswamy ridiculed himself by calling ‘Yellidyappa Nikhil’, did everyone with the name Nikhil answered Kumaraswamy? As a responsible political leader, one should present facts and not conspiracy theories. This series of failed desperate attempts of Kumaraswamy shows he is irresponsible. Sadly, his cry for attention is continuing to expose him further. Instead of wasting time by threading fake narratives, he should talk to his alliance partners and ensure justice for Karnataka on various issues. There is still a chance for Kumaraswamy to accept his mistake and publicly apologise for his failed attempt. Instead of building up on lies, he should end it with an apology” Siddaramiah added.

The allegation first surfaced when former CM HD Kumaraswamy in a submit on X shared the Viral video alleging ” This video clip is a proof that the job posting for money, ‘Cash for Posting’, scam has been going on in Karnataka. Congress’ recovery business has come to the fore. Do we need greater proof that Karnataka’s collection king father and son of Karnataka’s collection King have extorted money? The Chief Minister conducts a transfer business without shame.”

In reaction the Prominent Minister stated Kumaraswamy was once making allegation on a telephone dialog between him and his son in regards to the constituency of Varuna.

Bothe the BJP and the JDS have joined factor in this matter calling for an distant probe into the alleged ‘Money for Posting’ rip-off.

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