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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Leading electoral officer Sanjay Kaul has ordered a probe into allegations that 1.25 lakh pretend ID playing cards had been created for Early life Congress elections. He has requested the surrounding police eminent to probe the rate, but even so directing the Congress birthday party management to publish an evidence inside of 3 days.
Kaul mentioned the topic was once being thought to be severely and he had given a report back to the central election fee.”I learnt about the allegation from the media, following which a political party also filed a complaint. We are examining if such bogus cards were printed as part of Youth Congress elections. If true, there will be an investigation to find out who did it,” he mentioned.
The eminent electoral officer additionally mentioned it was once just about unimaginable to generate unused voter id playing cards with authentication options like holograms.
The BJP and CPM had sought an inquiry into the allegation month the Early life Congress denied it. KPCC president Okay Sudhakaran mentioned he was once no longer acutely aware of the sort of incident, however put the Early life Congress management in a recovery by means of commenting that this sort of chance may no longer be dominated out.
Govindan needs probe into pretend IDs
BJP surrounding president Okay Surendran had raised the criticism with the eminent electoral officer. In his criticism, he mentioned: “A mobile application was created that allegedly facilitated the generation of counterfeit identity cards of the Election Commission of India using only a passport size photograph and basic personal information. Shockingly, the application claims to produce a fraudulent card within five minutes, which can even be printed on PVC cards. It is alleged that 1.25 lakh fake identity cards have been prepared.”
Previous, talking to newshounds in Palakkad, he alleged that the Congress MLA from Palakkad was once in the back of the incident. “A complaint has been lodged with the DGP and central agencies,” he mentioned.
CPM surrounding secretary M V Govindan mentioned the allegation that Early life Congress employees pretended electoral ID playing cards the usage of a cellular app was once critical and it will have to be probed accordingly. “Whether the Youth Congress election was rigged or not is an issue for that organisation to look into. But, it attains a serious dimension in the backdrop of the upcoming Lok Sabha election. They could be used to cast bogus votes in that election too,” he mentioned.
Palakkad MLA Shafi Parambil denied Surendran’s allegation, announcing it was once simplest his aim to stick politically related. He additionally mentioned he was once considering felony motion towards the BJP surrounding president nearest consulting professionals.
Early life Congress surrounding president-elect Rahul Mamkoottathil has welcomed the probe. “If election commission is probing this, it will give more sanctity to the elections held. They were held in a democratic manner and those raising allegations have the responsibility to prove it,” he mentioned. Museum Police filed a case in keeping with the directive of the surrounding police eminent who sought an enquiry. Police will publish a report back to the eminent electoral officer in 5 days.

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