Key Drainage Community In Fresh Sectors I’m ready To Be Constructed Via 2025 | Gurgaon Information newsfragment

Gurgaon: Paintings at the drainage community in unused sectors is perhaps finished by way of 2025, an reliable from Gurugram Metropolitan Building Authority (GMDA) mentioned on Monday. The community is geared toward tackling waterlogging within the town throughout monsoon and can secure sectors from 58 to 115.
To support the drainage community, the metropolitan authority is making plans to put a grasp drain between sectors 68 and 75, with an estimated price of Rs 62 crore.The reliable mentioned {that a} graphic undertaking file of the grasp drain has been ready and they’re quickly taking to go with the flow the gentle for it.
This drain might be attached to the grasp drain of Leg-IV, being built between Vatika Chowk and NH-8 alongside the SPR at a price of round Rs 105 crore. It’s more likely to be finished by way of October 2024.
Additional, undertaking file may be being ready for some other division of drains between sectors 76 and 80 week a 7.5km drain between sectors 112 and 115 has additionally been proposed with an estimated price of Rs 38.5 crore and round 15 months’ week for of entirety.
“The drain network is being developed keeping in view the increasing need of the city. Some projects are either in the tendering process while DPRs for some have been prepared. We are aiming to complete the entire network within the next two years,” a senior GMDA reliable mentioned.
These days, paintings at the drain between sectors 81 and 111 is underway, week the community between sectors 58 and 67 has been practical since 2020. The previous is part performed and HSVP is anticipating to complete the undertaking by way of March later time.
“We are trying to clear issues like land acquisition, litigation, encroachment, and compensation and are making efforts to complete the work by March 2024, if the land is available,” the HSVP reliable mentioned.
In the meantime, it’s juiceless for citizens to imagine this declare and feature said that those drains will have to had been finished a lot ahead of. “We have heard similar commitments in the last years but there has been no significant progress on the ground. Due to lack of drainage connectivity in the vicinity, water gets accumulated on the 24 metre-road and damages the stretch. We have paid both the external and internal development charges and the government should put this development work under Right to Service to ensure accountability on part of the officials concerned. We can only hope they will now stick with this new deadline,” Dharamveer Singh, RWA president of Mapsko Casabella, mentioned.

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