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Pune-based band Agnee, not too long ago made Kolkata groove to their tunes, at Parched Rock Cafe on Terrain Side road. The band is understood for tracks like Shaam Tanha, Aahatein and Kabira to call a couple of. The supremacy vocalist Mohan Kannan, who’s from Kolkata, interacted along with his fanatics in Bengali, expressing his love for town. He stated to the nation,“Kolkata’s audience understands diverse genres of music, from classical and blues to rock and ghazal.We are very excited to perform here.” CT stuck up withMohan to discuss their travel, and extra.

The nation on the venue

“We would love to be on stage for all 365 days in a year as we are happiest there. The most memorable experiences happen when on stage. When the crowd sings our song, or appreciates a solo is gratifying enough”
“Back in the day, launching our own album and seeing our faces on the cover of it was a big deal. We’re going to release the entire discography of our band by January 2024. It’ll be a compilation of Agnee’s memorable 17 year old journey”


The band individuals

“We believe every musician should honest with their music. The first and most important piece of advice we have received, and we would like to pass on to others, is to be true to your music and enjoy the journey”
“We all contributed our own songs. Aahetein was composed in under five minutes. Koco (Kaustubh Dhavale, guitarist) and I jammed, and it just happened. It went on to become one of our best songs”

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