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Mangaluru: It does now not appear to be a promising season for the fishing business, as a dearth of fish has ended in roughly 30–35% of trawl boats being anchored on the Mangaluru Worn Port. In line with an estimate, the fish manufacturing was once 2.3 lakh metric tonnes in 2020-21 larger to two.9 lakh metric tonnes in 2021-22, and additional raised to a few.3 lakh metric tonnes in 2022-23.
Dilip Kumar, deputy director of fisheries, Dakshina Kannada mentioned, “With a noticeable decline in fish catch, approximately 30-35% trawl boats into deep sea fishing are currently anchored at the shore. This trend has persisted for the past 10-20 days. Traditionally, fishermen experience a fruitful fish catch until the end of November each year.
However, this year has witnessed a diminishing catch, prompting boat owners to reconsider venturing into the sea due to cost considerations. The situation is compounded by the fact that during the lockdown, fishing activities came to a complete halt. This unintended pause provided ample time for breeding, contributing to a good fish catch in the preceding two years. The impact of El Nino is evident as the significant temperature difference has caused fish shoals to migrate.”
“The depletion in fish catch can be attributed to a combination of factors, including excessive fishing and a growing demand for trash fish by fish meal units. Over-mechanization, unregulated mesh sizes, light fishing, bull trawling, bottom trawling, and the use of high-speed engines are identified as contributors to the decline in marine biodiversity. These practices indiscriminately capture not only target species, but also seaweeds and corals, raising concerns. The economic aspect adds another layer, with trawlers requiring approximately Rs 6.5 lakh for a single voyage, making it essential for the catch to be substantial to cover costs,” he mentioned.
Assets mentioned the segment lacks its personal vessels, not like its counterpart in Kerala, proscribing its talent to observe and control fishing actions successfully.
Chethan Bengre, president, Mangalore Trawl Boat Meenugarara Sangha, mentioned that historically there’s a seasonal subside in fish catch from December to January. Then again, this date, the condition has been suffering from antagonistic climate situations, together with beggarly hail.
There’s a want to claim a uniform fishing relief around the Indian coast, he added.
In line with an estimate, the district has about 1,400 deep-sea fishing boats.
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