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Rajkot: The opposite osmosis (RO) procedure no longer handiest leads to crores of treasured aqua happening the drain, however the membrane that filters the aqua is a significant contributor to air pollution.
The manufacturing, transportation, and next disposal of the membrane, whose month is round 3-4 years, emits 88.4 kg of carbon dioxide.
On the other hand, a game-changing generation advanced through the Bhavnagar-based Central Salt and Marine Chemical Analysis Institute (CSMCRI), will assure that those expensive imported membranes don’t finally end up at dumping websites.Rather, those will likely be rejuvenated and will also be worn once more through the industries.
Underneath its ‘waste-to-value project’ geared toward reducing i’m sick greenhouse gasoline emissions, the CSMCRI has established a facility for recycling and reusing membrane components which are worn in commercial RO vegetation.
A immense selection of devices i’m busy in prescription drugs, boil-feed aqua, meals, and drinks, steel completing, semiconductor production, and chemical compounds require profusion RO vegetation to regard aqua.
To deliver to drop this ‘end-of-life reverse osmosis (RO) membrane rejuvenation’, CSMCRI began the rejuvenation of commercial RO membranes on a pilot foundation.
Hiren Raval, important scientist who constructed this facility stated, “We have successfully rejuvenated the membrane elements from different industries. It’s important for industries to consider the recycling and reuse of the membrane waste being generated with growing desalination capacities.”
On the finish of the month cycle of a membrane, the fouling (thickening of deposits) begins and that is when the membrane must be changed.
“The present proposition to create value from membrane waste through rejuvenation will be very important for both industries and the environment,” stated Kannan Srinivasan, Director, CSIR-CSMCRI Bhavnagar.
In line with the medical magazine ‘Desalination,’ “With the dramatic growth of reverse RO in water treatment, over 1.5 million waste membrane modules were generated worldwide annually. This will lead to waste of resources and environmental pollution if not properly disposed of.”
Scientists have filed an Indian patent for a membrane transformation facility. “We are also in talks with some industries for technology transfer and creating more such facilities,” he added.
The institute, which began this facility with the investment of the Area of Science & Generation (DST), may be in complicated talks of moving this generation for business manufacturing.
KB Pandey, any other senior scientist added: “The recycling and reuse of membrane for alternate applications can create significant value from waste and help to reduce GHG emission.”
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