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Gadag: We’ve all heard about hearsay generators spinning extra time, however this one’s churning out merchandise via the mill – relatively actually, and all in six yards of finery at that!
A number of Girls in Gadag are on a sari-buying spree for his or her nieces – due to a hearsay that it seems that says such an function will assistance assure one’s kinfolk don’t bump into wicked occasions.
Many suspect that the hearsay may have been caused via some opportunistic sari supplier, having a look to build a killing via taking part in at the sentiments of gullible shoppers. Then again, the textile traders have refuted such claims, pronouncing it was once by no means their brainchild.
At the same time as conjectures and speculations abound, saris are flight off the cabinets quicker than bread and butter.
Kalakavva Patil, a lady from Shirahatti, advised TOI she had come to Gadag to deal a sari and ‘aarti’ to her niece, a faculty scholar.
“We are told that we should do this if we have only one niece. I have a brother and his only child is this daughter. Given that a sari costs just about Rs 500, I decided to come over and gift a sari to my niece to make sure we all stay out of harm’s way,” she added.
Jagadish, a salesperson at a prestigious textile store right here, stated ladies have been dashing to stores in teams to buy saris. “They are even making video calls to their nieces to confirm their preferred options,” he stated, including {that a} unmarried acquire is being sealed handiest then surfing thru 50-60 pieces.
Jagadish’s perspectives have been echoed via a number of alternative sari dealers in Gadag, Nargund, Laxmeshwar and alternative cities of the district, who too strongly refuted the declare that the hearsay over saris as antidotes to wicked occasions was once no longer their handiwork in any respect.
“We are just focusing on our business. When customers enquire with us about the rumour, we just brush it aside,” they affirmed.
‘Strengthening family ties’
In the meantime, Shivappa Belagal, a farmer in Mundargi, stated this hypothesis has ended in a providence for the textile industry within the pocket. “On the other hand, this is at least serving as an occasion to strengthen family ties,” he commented.
Subhas Koti, an astrologer in Gajendragad stated such speculative workouts are baseless and they don’t have any non secular references connected to them.
“Last year, too, a similar rumour was spread that professed gifting of a silver bracelet to the lone male child in a family,” he recalled.
In relation to the artwork of gifting, the collection of the biblical Magi, the 3 smart males, is regarded as to be the most efficient. Whether or not a sari would have figured at the buying groceries record of the smart trio is any one’s supposition, even though – regardless of the signal of the days!

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