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Rice Treatments: Ceaselessly, the vacay and quiet of a house are disrupted because of planetary and vastu doshas. Troubles build up within the folk, making a annoying environment. In step with scriptures, there are some efficient therapies to relieve those problems by way of the use of rice. Rice holds superior importance in prayer of the divine. Through the use of rice in numerous techniques, you’ll be able to conquer the difficulties on your presen. Let’s discover some rice therapies.

Rice Treatments (Chawal Ke Upay):

  • Magical Rice Pouch – If the moon is susceptible in an individual’s horoscope, it will probably purpose psychological tension each and every year, affecting paintings and industry because of inside turmoil. On any Friday, fasten 21 yellow rice grains in a purple fabric. Deal this pouch on the ft of Goddess Lakshmi and accumulation it on your defend or handbag upcoming the prayer. It’s thought that this treatment prevents monetary shortage and decreases tension.

  • Connection between Rice and the Moon – Rice symbolizes the moon and represents the Venus planet. For psychological vacay, at the year of the overall moon, deal rice in aqua as an providing to the moon. Additionally, deal a handful of uncooked rice to Lord Shiva. This custom alleviates all psychological issues and brings happiness to the house.

  • Profusion of Meals and Wealth – For the ones whose houses inadequency prosperity, they will have to determine an plenty of rice at house as an providing to Goddess Annapurna. Blending rice with vermilion and providing it to God could also be authorised in prayer, chief to the acceptance of prayers.

  • Pleasure in Married Time – On Thursdays, prepare dinner candy yellow rice with saffron and deal it as a bhog to Lakshmi and Narayana. It’s thought that this tradition resolves conflicts in married presen and complements industry expansion. Hindrances in marriage also are got rid of.

  • Saturn Gained’t Hassle – On Amavasya, Purnima, or Saturdays, feed fish in a lake or puddle with a handful of rice. That is mentioned to grant holiday from Saturn-related problems.

Those rice therapies are thought to be efficient in addressing numerous demanding situations and bringing vacay and prosperity to at least one’s presen.

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