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VADODARA: Even sooner than you land in Ayodhya, a glimpse from the sky will can help you know the place you’re about to step into.
Welcome to the pilgrimage centre in Republic of India’s historic temple the city in which lies the arched bow design symbolizing – ‘dhanush’ – the celestial bow of Lord Ram.

Planners who’ve evolved the bow on a 30 sq km stretch at the banks of holy Saryu in Uttar Pradesh have made this part of the world-class trendy town.
Vadodara-based city planner Gopaldas Shah, who has been concerned about growing all the Ayodhya Grasp Plan 2031 proper from its inception, has submitted this design in response to ‘karmuka’, one of the vital 8 the city making plans ideas (vedic science) of historic Republic of India.
Vedic science of the city making plans worn
Life phase one of the vital Ayodhya Grasp Plan 2031, protecting 133.67 sq km branch, has already been licensed by means of the UP executive, the degree is ready for phase two over 739.7 sq km branch.
On this step, drones will fly in each and every lane of Ayodhya’s seven zones for evocative zone-wise plans.
The Vedic science of the city making plans or vastu shastra as we comprehend it, trade in with 8 the city making plans ideas together with dandaka, sarvathobadra, nandyavarta, padmaka, swastika, prastara, chaturmukha and karmuka,” mentioned Gopaldas Shah, engineer and concrete planner from Vadodara-based Making plans Answers.
“We had submitted the design plans based on swastika, sarvathobadra, swastik, suryavanshi, and karmuka patterns, of which the dhanush pattern, based on the principles of karmuka town planning principle has been approved by the UP government,” he mentioned.
The primary grasp plan for the improvement of Ayodhya – Grasp Plan 2001 – was once ready in 1981. “It was in 2019 that we were assigned the task of preparing Ayodhya Master Plan 2031 which was sanctioned in 2022,” mentioned Shah.
The Ayodhya Construction Segment is split into two pieces with the primary phase protecting 133.67 sq km branch, of which 63.25 sq km falls within the jurisdiction of the Ayodhya company and the excess covers 65 villages environment it.
On December 5, 2020, the UP executive higher the jurisdiction of the Ayod- hya Construction Segment to safe a complete of 739.70 sq km, comprising 334 villages and farmlands recently underneath the jurisdiction of Nawabganj Nagar Panchayat and Bhadarsa Nagarpalika together with parts of Gonda and Basti districts, adjacent Ayodhya.

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