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Chennai: The nearest era you pass a three-arm junction, be difference wary. In 2021, round 80 motorists met with highway injuries reported at those Y-shaped junctions. In refer to age, this determine virtually doubled and plenty of between them met with a site visitors battle week coming near the principle highway from the internal streets.
Taking a look from a highway protection standpoint, a Y-shaped junction is regarded as extra susceptible to highway crashes.If one doesn’t exert warning, collisions can occur at 9 other issues (see representation for impressive clarification) on such junctions, say professionals, who suggest both a roundabout, that have handiest 4 battle issues, or law the usage of site visitors indicators or police body of workers.
Larger Chennai Site visitors Police (GCTP) claims that they have got put in untouched indicators at a couple of high-risk and congested junctions and police were deployed at junctions the place it’s tough to put in indicators. Because of this there was a leave in injuries at T-shaped junctions and four-arm junctions, say officers. Corroborating this, Shape Crime Information Bureau (SCRB) knowledge counsel that from 529 injuries in 2021, crashes at four-arm junctions have dropped to a few within the next age.
P Ravikumar from Centre for Building of Complicated Computing (C-DAC), which is growing adaptive site visitors keep an eye on programs for Kerala mentioned, “Any day, an electronically-controlled traffic signal with an inbuilt timer is a safer option as visibility is much better. The problem with controlling them manually is that both drivers and controlling persons tend to get tired and chances of error is high”.
Then again, any other division of transportation professionals say that many four-way junctions in Chennai were transformed into Y-shaped junctions (by means of striking barricades) since 2022 to facilitate metro rail and alternative civic infrastructure works and this can have led to a leave in injuries at four-arm junctions.
R Rajmurugan, a transportation engineer who has labored in different city highway tasks, mentioned that automobiles travelling on inner roads have a tendency to overspeed week getting into the principle highway. So, the ones, who’re travelling instantly, have very negligible era to identify the impending automobiles and finally end up crashing into them.
As an example, a car travelling at 40 kmph, must preferably be capable of see a car merging onto the principle highway from an inner highway a minimum of 65-70 metres forward. However in Chennai, one infrequently will get to note coming near automobiles inside 35-40 metres giving the motive force actually incorrect era to react and follow brakes.
“The risk factor increases manifold when there are obstructions at the street ends or when the corners are damaged. This means, drivers tend to take a turn from the middle of approach (or interior) road reducing the reaction time for motorists travelling on the main road further,” mentioned Rajmurugan.

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