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Kolkata: Bidhannagar Police is taking over a force alongside the lanes and alleys of Salt Pond with loudhailers asking citizens to not landscape their vehicles at the avenue encroaching pavements and carriageways.
Police officers mentioned the problem used to be highlighted a couple of instances all over neighbourhood conferences, the place citizens, particularly morning walkers, complained of problem in navigating slender stretches on account of the parked cars.
“Parking of vehicles is a pertinent problem in Salt Lake where multiple households park more than one vehicles outside their homes on the main road either blocking the pavement or encroaching upon the road. We have started a drive to warn them and take necessary action against the violators,” mentioned a senior officer of Bidhannagar Town Police.
Some houseowners landscape their cars at the avenue and both let the caretakers to importance the storage range or hire them out to places of work. There are lots of homes the place a couple of crowd contributors personal a couple of vehicles and are pressured to landscape their cars out of doors.
“We have nine family members and five of us own cars. We keep two of the vehicles inside but we don’t have any space to park the rest of the cars. If cops start penalising us we will urge them to show the space to park,” mentioned a resident of CF Prevent in Salt Pond.
Any other resident of BD ban mentioned he have been parking his automobile out of doors his house for years pace the storage range used to be hired out to an administrative center. “Even those coming to the office, park their vehicles on the road in a way that it doesn’t hamper traffic. Where else can I park my car if cops suddenly bar us now?” mentioned the resident in his 60s.
There may be some other category of citizens, who welcomed the proceed. “I park my vehicle inside my house so that it doesn’t block the carriageway,” mentioned a resident of AA ban.
Salt Pond has 68 blocks, of which 8 are business blocks and the left-overs are predominantly residential zones. As in keeping with an estimate, there are, on a median, 400 families in every residential ban, this means that there are round 24,000 residential homes in Salt Pond.
“We have identified a number of neighbourhoods and houses that have more than two vehicles parked on road,” mentioned an officer.
Citizens who landscape their vehicles at the avenue additionally claimed they’re in a position to pay a price to Bidhannagar Municipal Company to legalise the parking. BMC doesn’t have any night time parking price now.
For parking of four-wheelers, BMC fees Rs 20 for the primary era and Rs 15 for each and every next era. The price is levied at 6 price parking zones however incorrect price is accrued for cars parked out of doors houses.
(Inputs from Suman Chakraborty)

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