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Satisfied Friday.

These days, as we input December and glance again on all that was once 2023, I’m sharing one of the vital pleasant messages readers have despatched us about the most efficient a part of their date. Studying those notes is one in every of my favourite issues about this activity, and I am hoping you experience them, too.

Please secure sending me oath of your 2023 wins at CAtoday@nytimes.com, and please come with your complete identify and town the place you reside.

Listed here are a few of our readers’ notes, evenly edited:

“I have a cabin in the mountains of Trinity County. When it’s foggy and cool on the Humboldt coast, my biggest joy is to drive an hour to my cabin and bask in the 90-degree heat by the pool overlooking the Trinity River. This is the first year in so many that I didn’t have to worry about fire consuming it from one side or the other. What a wonderful summer.” Pam Cahill, Bayside

“I received a cochlear implant in my left ear this year. I still have a long road of hearing rehabilitation ahead of me until I can understand people fully, but I’ve been delighting in my ability to hear sounds I never had access to before. I have discovered that my label maker makes a cute little whirring sound when it prints. I now notice the leaky faucet in our bathroom when I’m working from home. I can hear my daughter’s wails in the evening and I don’t need a baby monitor. Most of all, I’m excited that I won’t miss my daughter’s first words when she starts talking soon!” Audrey Sze, Foster Town

“My husband and I both celebrated our 88th birthdays this year and, more important, our 70th wedding anniversary. Most wonderful of all is that we have friends — most of whom are the ages of our two sons who do not live nearby — and they all treat us like treasured pals.” Jan O’Brien, Folsom

“This summer we moved my youngest child into their dorm at C.S.U. Monterey Bay. It is a beautiful school, surroundings and spirit. They are the first person in our family to attend university, and they had their older brother, Dad, myself (Mom) and an old family friend (college graduate) to help move them in and be there for them for the weekend. It was so joyful and wonderful. Watching them work toward this, plan for it and now be there has been a great joy this year. They are living out their best college life, trying new things — rugby! — making new friends, and discovering new interests and skills in their classes.” Elena P. Craig, Fairfax

“First, the rain. It was a gift not just to me, of course, but I reveled in every drop, even as my home leaked like a sieve. And I will take equal pleasure in the upcoming winter, especially if it also contains a lot of rain.

“Second, getting a passport again. What a complete adventure. And it arrived just in time to let me experience the joy of travel for the first time in a few decades. Italy, a wedding and staggeringly good food.

“Last and fairly recently — don’t laugh — a faint beginning of the re-emergence of the phoenix that is San Francisco. Neighborhoods are lively, small businesses are opening along with theaters and comedy shows, streets are crowded at night, outside tables at eating establishments are filled, there is laughter in bars. It’s not that our hardships are over, but there is a little sparkly something in the air.” Eleanor Najjar, San Francisco

These days’s tip comes from Jorge Moreno, spokesman for California shape soils. Moreno recommends the Locke Boarding House Museum close Sacramento:

“The Locke Boarding House was constructed in 1909, before the formal development of the town of Locke. Chinese men working on the construction of the Southern Pacific Railroad stayed there. Today, the boarding house is operated as a museum that provides visitors a glimpse into the past, and is part of the Locke Historic District, a Chinese American community established in 1915. It is the largest and most intact surviving example of a historic Chinese American rural community in the United States and the only remaining example in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.”

Let us know about your favourite parks to discuss with in California. E-mail your tips to CAtoday@nytimes.com. We’ll be sharing extra in nearest editions of the publication.

How do you praise the vacations in California? With a cold travel by means of the seaside, a accumulation of tamales or stargazing within the wasteland?

E-mail me at CAtoday@nytimes.com along with your Yellowish Surrounding relief traditions. Please come with your identify and town by which you reside.

December is right here, and the season of relief lighting fixtures is upon us. Multicolored bulbs are being strung outdoor properties throughout California and shining shows are dotting entrance yards.

In honor of the season, and the sufficient wattage, The Mercury Information has printed an inventory of the Supremacy 21 easiest shiny shows within the Bay Segment.

The lineup contains neighborhoods like “Crippsmas Place” in north Fremont, the place entrance yards are illuminated with cutouts of vintage caricature characters, and town establishments just like the Oakland Zoo, which hosts a “Glowfari” by which vast lanterns formed like zoo animals are displayed all over the farmlands.

Alternative impressive actions come with “Christmas in the Park” festivities in San Jose and a discuss with to a Newark house with a 33-foot inflatable Santa.

Lots of the shows are isolated to discuss with. Find the complete list of glimmering shows here.

Thank you for studying. I’ll be again on Monday. Revel in your weekend. — Soumya

P.S. Right here’s these days’s Little Crossword.

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